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Unmetered Zones and Calling Rates


Unmetered International Calling Zones

Domestic (X1)UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (pick one)
International Zone 1 (X2)United States, Canada, Australia*, France*, Germany*, Italy*, Ireland*, Netherlands*, New Zealand*, Puerto Rico, Spain*, Sweden*, Switzerland*, United Kingdom.
International Zone 2 (X3)Zone 1 plus: Belgium, Brazil*, China, Denmark, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg*, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Poland*, Portugal*, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan*
International Zone 3 (X4+)Zone 2 plus: Argentina*, Chile, Cyprus*, Dominican Republic, Finland, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan*, Malaysia, Peru, Russia*, Singapore, South Africa ,Thailand ,Turkey*

Plans include unlimited (subject to 8x8 fair-use policy) calls to standard-tariff landline and mobile numbers in each country, unless indicated otherwise*.

Calls to premium-rate, special services and out-of-zone numbers are metered and billed at the prevailing 8x8 rates.

+X1 licenses for different zones cannot be mixed on the same system

*excludes mobile calling

**Certain countries require you to have a local business address and/or a Letter of Intent that indicates your line of business and how you intend to use the number. Using the number for reselling, or prepaid/calling card purposes is prohibited. 8x8, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue international local number service and/or international toll-free number service including on a country-by-country basis and to revise rates without notice.

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